biased by old axioms, misguided by ideals
sophisticated persons told to be the right
sedative warm assurance in septic-triggered schemes
persuasive pin-up patterns of superfluous needs
fed up with opinions of otherís blind to feel
electrocuted by your own illusive brain

your new religion ... a god of matter ...
an angel of success ... your new religion ...
hymn for possession ... a prayer for increase ...

impressed by senseless symbols, dazzled by some coins
praising hollow icons of your fading self
engaged in shallow rituals, obsessed by trivial hypes
encased in borrowed lifeforms, trite placebo myths

idolizing wrappings, geometric glittering gems
emulating masks without a mind inside
driven by progresses pretending to be best
advance is more than numbers on a board of scales

linked in endless chapters of a more and more
caught in blindfold hunting for a higher score
enslaved by your ambition, imprisoned by your zeal
your greed will take you high enough to crush to dust