Gloomy times weigh down the soul
When you’re tangled in a maze
Of incoherent thougts and doubts
Cutting tomorrow from today
Sometimes all advice can’t save you from yourself …watch out …

Scoundrel days won’t leave the way
While you’re waiting for … nothing to happen
Do you hurt the ones you love
when you’re angry and upset?
Invisible wounds from bullets just made from words … So …

Let’s clarify the view again
Try to think … of other doors to different rooms
For chemicals won’t rule the mind
We are, we are … we are no fucking timebombs

Foggy mind betrays your thoughts
Hear eternal lies and chimes
Endangered ways through your own mind
Become a risky strange odour
Listen carefully to hear your own belief … watch out …

Scoundrel ways lead through your day
While your waiting for …anything happens
You are always on your way –
Pretend to be forever lost
Strokes of your ideas can’t bring you back to life … So …